Team Unicorn

The Team Unicorn Story

Team Unicorn continues to expand with new players, new champions and new titles. Its position as the finest team of international champions in the world containing more major tournament wins and winners than any other is beyond doubt. It is perhaps the greatest recommendation of the brand that so many great professionals use and promote Unicorn Darts.

Started initially in the 1950s when current Chairman Stanley Lowy signed up the winners of the prestigious News of the World Tournament to promote the company’s darts, Team Unicorn now boasts 4 World Champions, back to back 2015 and 2016 World Champion Gary Anderson plus John Lowe, Bob Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld. No other brand has more Champions and more Major Championship victories.

However, never a company to rest on its laurels, Unicorn Darts has now taken its stable of professionals from around the world to a new level. Not content with having 4 World Champions, it now boasts 5 in the Maestro Premier category, 2 Maestros, 8 Contenders, 11 Global, 2 Media and 10 very exciting new young players in Generation 180, which shows Unicorn’s commitment to the future of darts.

Maestro Premier is the Elite grouping of Unicorn PDC Premier League players just a heartbeat away from World Champion status. Michael Smith has joined Maestro Premier 2016 alongside Kim Huybrechts, Wes Newton, James Wade and Terry Jenkins. All these players have played in the Premier League.

Recently elected Ian White joins Jamie Caven as Maetros 2016, a select pairing in a class of their own. They are both excellent darts professionals at the top of their game game, but just lacking Premier League status or a World Championship title. However, 2016 could be their year.

Chris Dobey has now joined the new look 2016 Contenders, which is also featuring Dimitri van den Bergh, Ronny Huybrechts, Kyle Anderson, Joe Cullen, Arron Monk, Deven Petersen and Keegan Brown.  These 8 players are exactly what they’re called; professionals establishing their careers in darts, snapping at the heels of the established players and likely to surprise many with their skill, dedication and 'can do' enthusiasm. They know no fear and the world titles are theirs for the taking.

Media comprises Russ Bray and Gordon Shumway. Having one of the most recognisable voices in the world of darts, Russ Bray is now an important member of Team Unicorn. His familiar gravel tones are known worldwide and the cry of "game on" and the shout of "one hundred and eighty" have made "The Voice" a household name. He is highly respected as a referee all over the world and is hugely popular with darts fans wherever he goes. From Germany, Gordon Shumway is a top referee and commentator and brings an added international element to Team Unicorn.

Back-to-back World Champion Gary Anderson  is delighted that Unicorn are expanding their support of darts players.

"I am delighted to be a member of Team Unicorn, which continues to prove that Unicorn has its heart and soul in the long-term development of darts. With its PDC sponsorship of the Development Tour and the signing of young emerging players Unicorn continues to set the bar."

"We have been at the forefront of darts innovation, development and sponsorship for over 70 years," said Unicorn Managing Director Edward Lowy, "and Team Unicorn will be at the heart of the promotion of our products, not only at home in the UK, but throughout the darts world."